by barbznz

I have just finished my housework for the week, there is only two of us so I only do it weekly, unless it looks like it needs it, but fortunately it doesn’t very often.

The worse thing about it is, it is totally monotonous and predictable. I usually do the same way every week though it depends on whether Marty is up, where I actually start. I do it all in one go. Change the bed, dust,  tidy, water the plants, clean the bathroom, then give the kitchen a got going over. Don’t get me wrong, I do clean the kitchen more than once a week, I generally do it after we eat and the dishwasher goes on, generally after breakfast.

I am talking more about cleaning the cats area, and the rubbish bin, sometimes even the microwave. I leave the oven to my beloved.

Once I have all the floors ready to clean I like to get on with it. I use a long extension cord so I don’t have to change plugs and I get quite cross when the cord gets caught up and I have to stop. I just want to get it over with as soon as possible. I also have a steam mop, it means I don’t have to use chemicals and it is much easier to use than a conventional mop.

Boy am I going to be in trouble if the apolcolipse comes. I really can’t imagine life with out my appliances. I think about my pioneering anchestors. They  washed everything by hand in fact one day was dedicated to washing. Now I just bung it all in the washing machine and leaving it to do all the work.

Today I also did four loads of washing and the last of it is about to be hung out. I wash most days but we have had a few days of rain so it has piled up, I hate dirty washing, and I make sure it is never lying around, it is either in the basket, the washing machine, on the line or put away. It is one my things. My friends and family know how untidy I am but I have to be really unwell to have dirty washing lying around.

Rain is threatening but I hate using the dryer.  I prefer my clothes  in the fresh air. There isn’t any sun but the wind is blowing so hopefully before the rain comes it will be dry. There is nothing that smells better than fresh dry washing and as far as I am concerned any day you get washing dry is a good day.

As modern women  I don’t think we realise how lucky we are.  Housework was a full time job, everything had to be done by hand. They also had to beat mats and cook over open fires or use a coal range. I always wanted coal range, but I couldn’t do without my fan bake oven. It was one of the first things I brought for this house, I couldn’t cope with an ordinary range.

There were no takeaways and most people baked everything they needed.  My great great grandmother lived in the back of beyond, she was lucky to get to the shops once a month to buy essentials, if you ran out of something you were out of luck.  Of course as well as housework, there was a garden to tend, which provided so much of the food they ate. And of course chickens for eggs and a house cow for milk.  They also had to preserve any surplus for winter.

Honestly thinking about it, I have no idea how they did it. Admittedly they didn’t have the distraction of television or the internet. Evenings were spent sewing, making clothes for the family, sometimes all by hand as most people couldn’t afford a sewing machine.

Life may have been simpler but it was definitely a lot harder.

I am so grateful to live in modern times. But it is even nicer  to look around and see a clean house and know I don’t have to do anything for week.

© Barbara Hart 2014