My borther the boarder

by barbznz

After Suzanne and Jenni left home we had a share room.  Simon was still at Kohanga and I was out during the day.  My brother rang out of the blue. He had separated from his wife  and  needed a place to stay so he moved him.  I found this really amusing, he had always said that God found him his wife, he was still a Christian at this stage.I still had vivid memories of his wedding when the minister raved on about how this marriage would never end in divorce. My father sitting in the front pew with his two wives and ex-mother in law was not impressed.  I always said that I would find my own man, which I did and my marriage has stood the test of time, where as his have not.


And he needed somewhere to recover from his injuries, He was driving his motorbike at the mount and he failed to give way and hit a car smashing the windscreen. The woman driver had quite serious facial injuries and he had some minor leg injuries. He said it was fortunate that God was driving which is why his injuries weren’t serious. That made Marty and I laugh, surely God should be obeying the road rules.

He moved in to the spare room. One day he came home from church in a right state, He talked about hell fire and damnation and God’s wrath. I really thought he must have killed someone but turns out he took a woman home from church and had sex with her. Her name was Jan. I knew of her because she was a friend of a friend.

A few weeks later, he came home and said that he thought she was having  a miscarriage. Where is she I said, and he said home on her own. I almost lost the plot. How dare he do that, she needs to see a doctor and he should bring her around here so she wasn’t on her own. He brought her home and she was very tearful. I gave him a spare mattress so he could sleep on the floor and we went to bed. In the wee small hours they woke Marty up because they were having sex. I couldn’t believe it.

I got up the next day and took Simon to kohanga, not even saying good bye to them.  I had a cold that didn’t help my mood. When I got home later, he told me that a minister was coming to pray for them. Marty came home in the middle of it all, there were praise gods and hallelujahs coming out of the room.  When the minister left, my brother came down the hallway smiling broadly. He said that it was allright, God told them that she wasn’t pregnant so everything was going to be fine.


He took Jan home and said that they had talked and they were going to get married. He went around all the local churches to see would be willing to preform the ceremony. . A church agreed but he was to have a curfew of 10pm and he would have to live with a church member. the curfew was to stop any sexual activity.

Marty and I laughed so much, obviously they had never heard of people having sex before ten.  Hadn’t they heard of morning glory and afternoon delight.

The best thing was of course, losing our boarder. And to this day, we have never had another one.