The Dark Horse

by barbznz

I went to the movies last night and saw the Dark Horse. I went alone because it wasn’t Marty’s kinda movie. I didn’t cry which was surprising, given my mood lately, almost anything will set me off.

I met Genesis at consumer meetings and conferences. We talked about chess and how I was used to play. we were always going to play each other. I was never any good but I like that way the game makes you have to think about what the other player is thinking. He was soft spoken and quiet. I thought Cliff Curtis captured him well. If you haven’t seen the movie, then see it, it is truly brilliant.

I love the movies. As a kid, Mum would give us a couple of shillings and my brother and I would walk to the movie theatre on a Saturday. Two shillings also meant you got an ice cream as well. I still can’t go to the movies and not have one. The movies back then, were really old, I remember crying through How the West was Won. Of course before the main feature, there were the serials. The hero or his damsel in distress would be falling off a cliff or some other dire scenario and you would have to come back the next week to see what happened.

I really love the old musicals, my favourite is probably High Society. It was Grace Kelly’s last movie and it had Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra in it. The plot was a little far fetched, Bing Crosby trying to win back his ex-wife. He would have been in his fifties but no one seemed to notice the age gap.  But the music is fabulous and included Louis Armstrong. It was pretty rare to see African Americans  on an equal footing to whites in American movies of that era. I watched it the other week in French in a vane hope to improve my listening skills but I really needed the  French subtitles to understand what was going on.

I am a real Bing Crosby fan now, when I was younger I thought he was old fashioned and boring but nowadays I appreciate his unique style. He was really one of the first pop stars. I think I learnt to appreciate him when I saw him on David Bowie Christmas special. I loved David Bowie and I remember watching the show and there was Bing. He sang an amazing duet with David, a Christmas carol. It is on YouTube and definitely worth a listen.  It is my all time favourite Christmas Carol.

But I love New Zealand movies.  I do like to try and see all of them.  They say the movies were invented  to be  as a way of escaping our dreary lives, taking us to imaginative places.

But the Dark Horse is a real story, about a real man who made a difference.  I was privileged to know him.

© Barbara Hart 2014