by barbznz

We were having a real family Christmas, Simone and Anna came to stay. They had the girls room, Simon moved in with us, Suzanne slept on her day and bed and Jenni moved into Simon’s room. It was much easier for Simone now the bathroom was done as she really needed the extra space. 

I baked plenty of Christmas cakes and mince pies. Jenni and Simon helped make Christmas cookies. I had been buying Christmas presents for a while and had made Jenni lots of clothes for her doll. 

Jenni wasn’t happy that the Abplanalp’s opened their presents on Christmas Eve. She wanted us to become Swiss so we could do it too but I said no, she could wait until morning. Getting the girls to bed was easy. Simon was much more difficult. Simone and I watch were planning to watch midnight mass but Simon wouldn’t go to sleep, I tried everything. I told him that Santa would not come if he was awake.  I was tired and I had presents to sort. Finally, at midnight he lay down, and said, Santa can come now. He was asleep in an instant. 

That year we brought a paddling pool for the kids. on of those metal framed one. We put it up and put all the presents inside. It looked great. We settled down and watched midnight mass before heading to bed. 

Of course the kids were up really early. We got up and let them attack the presents. It was really great watching them open everything. 

We had a huge meal and did the typical kiwi thing and slept it off in the afternoon in front of some awful Christmas movie. It was my first Christmas without Ivan so there was a tinge of sadness to the day.  It was just us and Simone and Anna. We didn’t have any other family about.

My Dad had Christmas with his family, (my stepmother and little brother Anthony).  We had a family get together a week before Christmas, My brother, Gay and their two boys came as well.. We did it every year. One year, Margaret made the mistake of putting the whole ham out and the men really pigged out on it, We of course could never afford real ham, We always had mutton hams instead. So this ham was a real treat,  She learnt her lesson, the following year, she put out some slices. 

Mum of course was still in Christchurch with Bill. We rang on the day of course and talked for a while.

Marty’s parents wouldn’t leave their house on Christmas day so if we wanted to see them we would have to visit them.  We went a couple of days later, after Simone and Anna had gone home. . It was brilliant.  I remember Simon got a big red fire engine. There was the usual dry chicken and Christmas pudding without custard. The kids got presents from Uncle Terry and Aunty Lorna  in England as well which was really exciting.  

It was one of the best Christmases ever. 

© Barbara Hart 2014