We get the builders in

by barbznz

Life returned pretty much to normal though losing Ivan made a huge hole in my life. Simon was growing fast and almost two and far to old for a cot in his parents room.  We went to Housing Corp and they agreed to loan us the money to build on a bedroom. We got a couple of builders in for quotes and ideas. We had the option of building on the front or the back of the house.  We choose the front. It also meant moving the front door to the front of the house and blocking off the side which gave a little more room in the lounge. 

The builders were great. Simon quickly became their hammer hand helping where he could. Which wasn’t a great deal since he wasn’t  quite two. But he would chatter away to them and pick up any nails they dropped and generally keep them entertained.

Naturally I kept a watchful eye to make sure he wasn’t being a pain. I also provided tea and coffee and any baking I had in the house. Being on such a low income, I baked regularly for lunches so there was always something.

The bedroom went on the front of the existing main bedroom. There was a new wide hallway taken off the side, which made it quite a small room but big enough for one. The new bedroom was 12’x12′ quite big by today’s standards. There was also a walk in wardrobe with draws and hangers above it  on one side and hangers  on the other. A hall cupboard faced the front door. It was all spacious and new. I was so proud of it. 

Of course we had to make sure the new ramp was finished before we took the old one out. We were still waiting for the bathroom to be done. No one could tell us why the funding hadn’t come through or how long it was going to take. So we waited. With district nurses coming in to bath Suzanne it wasn’t really a problem. 

With Jenni and Suzanne settled at school and only Simon at home, I started to think that it was time to look at pre-school for him. There were no play groups or kindergartens in easy walking distance and I still hadn’t learnt to drive so our options where quite limited.

Jenni brought home a school notice just before Simon turned two. A kohanga reo was going to be opened on the school grounds. It was open to any interested parties. I had heard of kohanga of course, language nests, for Maori preschoolers to learn Maori. The Maori language was dying and this was seen as a way of ensuring it survived. I talked to Marty about it, After all, I said, Suzanne is Maori and she isn’t able to learn the language so Simon can instead. 

I rang the phone number on the notice and talked to a nice lady called Matangi. Yes she said, of course you are welcome to come.  And so I enrolled Simon at Tutara Wangana Kohanga Reo on the very first day.

I had no idea what to expect, 

© Barbara Hart 2014