After the Honeymoon

by barbznz

We returned home on the Monday. I was a married woman. Otherwise nothing really changed. Life was still incredibly busy. Simon was walking more and more. He was an escape artist. No matter how many times we filled the holes in the hedge he managed to find another.

One day we lost him. We searched everywhere for him. I was starting to panic when I heard him crying. We could hear him but couldn’t see him. The more we called the more he cried. Finally we looked under the house. There is was, without a nappy crawling around. Unfortunately there were bits of wood with nails poking out and he kept sitting on them. Fortunately we were able to safely coax him out.

Jenni was really helpful sometimes, One day she changed his nappy and he was crying. He got to his feet and his nappy almost fell off. Except the bit that was pinned through his  penis that is. It was so funny we couldn’t help but laugh. Poor Jenni, she felt terrible but she was a lot more careful after that. Other times she wasn’t so helpful. She would throw the most horrendous tantrums but you could always guarantee, what ever state she was in, it improved markedly when her Dad arrived home.. It was like I got the devil and he got the angel . It was really frustrating.

I always made of point though at being involved at her school. I would go to all the parent events. Often I would be a judge at various competitions. Jenni didn’t always appreciate it as she never seemed to win anything and she was convinced it was because I was the judge. Unfortunately, it was more to do with her artistic ability.

Suzanne was fine, back in her old routine. She got a better chair just before we got married that suited her much better and she was so much more comfortable despite her unnatural leg position.

I always seem to have lots of visitors. One of my favourites was Ivan, my stepfather. We had become really close. Despite our early differences I was closer to him than my own father. The had to sell the  house he and Mum owned when they separated and had moved into his neighbours house. He really missed being with  Mum.

In June, Mum rang. she was getting married again and she wanted to pay for me and Simon to go down for the wedding. Suzanne would go to IHC for respite and Jenni would look after Marty. I didn’t tell Ivan, I didn’t have the heart. I didn’t even tell him I was going to Christchurch. I went without saying goodbye.

I wish I had.

© Barbara Hart 2014