by barbznz

My friend Margaret had lent us her family bach at Waihi Beach for the long weekend so we could have a honeymoon. Once the washing was in and folded and I had packed our bags, we all piled into the van.

That is right people we took all the kids on our honeymoon.  The reality was, we had to take Simon as he was still breast fed. If we took Simon we had to take Jenni. She would have been jealous if Simon had gone and not her. And since we took Jenni it seemed pointless not to take Suzanne. 

It was about four when we left. 10 mins out of town I remembered Suzanne’s pills so we had to go back and get them. It was almost six when we arrived at the bach.  It was a typical family bach, It had been added on to several times. The rained which held off for our wedding came down and we discovered some leaks mostly in the girls bedroom so they slept on mattresses on the lounge floor. We had takeaway I think and I had brought some dinner for Suzanne prepared of course.

We were all so tired and we went to bed early. It was hardly romantic but we were married. I was surprised at how different I felt. There are people who say a piece of paper doesn’t make any difference but it made a difference to me, I had made a public commitment to my husband til death do us part. And the wonderful thing is, I am still married to him and I love waking up in morning and seeing him next to me. 

We slept in a little and it didn’t take long to get organised for the day. There was a knock at the door. It was only 10 am. It was Marty’s parents. I was so annoyed. Marty smiled and said. That ain’t so bad. At my first marriage they stayed in the same hotel as us and they were in the next room, and no I didn’t get it either. 

The weather turned quite nasty so there were no walks on the beach. We just sat around and played games and relaxed. It was nice really. On the Monday we headed back. Marty had work the next day and Jenni had school. 

Married life had just begun. 

© Barbara Hart 2014