Getting Married

by barbznz

Once the divorce was finalised we had two weeks until the wedding. The dresses were almost finished and I had made the  wedding cake. We didn’t send out invitations, it was done by word of mouth. Basically we had a budget of $100 and some of the grocery money. 

We found a wedding celebrant in the phone book and we met with her the night of my kitchen tea at Deirdre’s place. She was a nice woman. We thought we would do the ordinary vows. though I wasn’t going to obey but I did offer to chastise but Marty wasn’t keen on that idea. We told her that we wanted to get married at the park. She said we needed an alternate in case it rained. We gave our address. We just hoped it would be fine. 

Not everyone could come, the Abplanalp’s were going away and so was Maureen but almost everyone else we wanted to be there was there. People talked to me about my wedding for years they thought it was an amazing day. 

Our witnesses were  Shirley Anne and Marty’s friend Stuart Duncan who was best man. He worked with Marty and had just returned from England. They had known each other for quite a long time. 

My kitchen tea was fun, I got a whole range of wacky things including a can of soup wrapped in a tea towel. It was because I always made casseroles with cans of soup. We played the usual silly games and had a lot of fun. There was only two days to the wedding by then and I had heaps to do. My mother arrived on the Friday. So did Shirley Anne and her family. The dress fitted perfectly. 

There was no romantic notion of the bride not seeing the groom on the wedding day. We went to bed together as usual. In the morning I remember hanging out the washing at about 10 am in my petticoat.The weather wasn’t exactly promising but it wasn’t pouring.  It was fun organising all the kids to be ready at the same time. Mum was so nervous she wasn’t much help, in fact I had to organise her too. 

We were getting married at the park but the reception was back at our place. So I had to make sure that was all sorted too. I had lots of willing hands that helped and the food came pouring in. I had done some chickens and brought snack food. Marty took the kids to the park to set up the table for signing the register and organise the space. He met his best man there. 

My dress looked lovely. My hair and make up were done.The flowers were beautiful. Shirley Anne, Jenni and Suzanne had little posies. and I had an orchid. I still have it, it is pressed in my huge French dictionary along with a flower from every bunch of flowers Marty has ever given me.  It was time to get this show on the road. The wedding was due to start at 11 am and I was on time. 

I went with Shirley Anne. I didn’t ask my father if he wanted to give me away and he didn’t offer. I figured it was a bit late really. I was also torn as I would have liked Ivan, my stepfather to give me away too. When I arrived at the park there was quite a crowd there. Marty’s parents even turned up. 

I felt like the most beautiful bride in the world as I walk towards Marty. He looked really smart in his suit and tie. I think it is the only time I ever saw him wear one. The celebrant seems to rush through the vows. It was all over too quickly and it was back to the house. I went with Marty this time with the kids. He didn’t carry me over the threshold, he was carrying Suzanne instead.

Shirley Anne’s husband Peter was the official photographer. We have lovely photos of all the guests. Other people took photos as well, my mother complained that every photo she took had Marty’s mother in it.

The reception was grand, there was lots of food and drink. We got so many presents. Our best present was a special gift from Simon. He took his first steps at our wedding reception. It was totally amazing.  We were so happy.

Except for Jenni. Poor Jenni cried at our wedding. People commented that it was so sweet that she was so happy for us. But really for her it was the end of her dream, She was when she finally  realised that I wasn’t going anywhere and her Mum and Josie weren’t going to be moving in with her and her Dad to be a family again. 

We almost forgot the cake. Some people had left when we finally remembered. It was lovely. Marion had iced it for us. Once the cake was cut, people started cleaning up, they knew we were going away. There were a few teenagers there.  They decided to decorate our vehicle. It was a really horrible old green van but they were undeterred. They wrote just married on the windows with lipstick and threw confetti everywhere.  I was still finding it years later in odd corners of the house. Fortunately, I hadn’t packed so our clothes weren’t affected.  There was toilet paper hanging from the windows as well. It looked wonderful. 

Now for the honeymoon.