A new year

by barbznz

The new year is supposed to be full of promise. The only thing that I wanted was to have Suzanne home. Marty has some time off work over Christmas so it was a little more relaxed. We were still visiting the hospital daily. some days Marty would go to give me a rest. 

One day he came home from the hospital upset. Suzanne had chicken pox. I was really annoyed that they hadn’t told us especially since we had  a small baby in the house. We didn’t know anything until the spots came. It was obviously doing the rounds of the hospital. Hilary’s sister Barbara was visiting Suzanne at the time, She said Marty had tears in his eyes when he realised what was wrong. She thought that was so lovely. 

I don’t know if you have had chicken pox, it is a mild childhood disease butI couldn’t think of any worse when you are in plaster, It must have been so uncomfortable. Imagine having all that itch and not being able to scratch.

Fortunately Simon or Jenni didn’t get sick. But it was just one more reason to get her home. With January gone, it was back to school for Jenni. It gave me more time to spend with Simon. His first word was cracker, mainly because we had crackers and cheese for morning tea every day. Apart from his lack of desire for sleep he was a really easy baby which was great.

He started on solids just after Christmas, They didn’t push sole breast milk back then and baby’s started on solids early. It is sad that I don’t have very many memories of Simon at that age, life was just too hectic. I was tired all the time.  All I really remember is missing Suzanne. It was like a big hole eating away at me. I often felt like I would never have both my children under the same roof. 

We had another issue too that we needed to work through, We needed to expand the house. Two bedrooms just wasn’t enough. Of course Simon was sleeping in our room. We had this really fabulous cot that we borrowed from the Abplanalp’s. Sam had made it for his children and they all used it. It was a godsend.

Mind you, the Abplananlp’s themselves  were are godsend. Jenni spent a lot of her spare time playing their with Deborah, and Franzi loved looking after Simon. Eva’s kitchen was always open for coffee and a chat. It was a haven away from my home. As I have said I am not religious in any sense of the word but God always seems to send Christians my way to provide comfort and support. It happens everywhere I go. 

But we needed seriously to look at building on to our house. We had a mortgage with Housing Corp and we couldn’t sell the house for five years, we would certainly need another bedroom before then.. Our mortgage was a strange one too. The house was sold to me to ensure that Suzanne had a home. Marty was a covenanting partner. Basically it meant, I owned the house and he paid the mortgage. If we broke up, he still had to pay the mortgage and I still got the house. 

Good thing he really loved me. 

© Barbara Hart 2014