Simon’s First Christmas

by barbznz

Though I visited the hospital every day, it was really hard to get information on what was happening with Suzanne. I could only go in the  evening as anyone in the know had gone home. Often I would get there and Suzanne would be asleep. All I kept thinking was the surgeon had said six weeks and that was up. 

Finally, somehow I got to talk to him. He denied he had said six weeks. It was going to be much longer. Things hadn’t gone as well as expected. While Suzanne’s hip where now set. her legs were still wide apart and they were doing their best to bring them closer together. Reminded me of the old joke, the operation was a success but the patient died.

I just wanted to bring her home. I was missing her terribly and while I was busy with Jenni and Simon, it wasn’t the same. Christmas was coming and the thought of Suzanne being in hospital didn’t bear thinking about. I did do the usual Christmas stuff, made Christmas cakes and mince pies, it was really hard to get into the spirit. Jenni was excited of course and somehow we managed to do some shopping. 

Simon still wasn’t sleeping much. Marty spent the evenings reading to him, Mostly astronomy books while I got an early night as Simon was always up early as well. I went to Dr Morgan for my six week check and talked about Simon’s lack of sleeping. He suggested sleeping pills. I am not giving my baby sleeping pills I said very shocked at the very thought. No he said, the pills are for you, perhaps if you sleep through his crying a couple of nights he might get the idea. 

As Christmas grew closer, I kept hoping that the one thing I would get would be Suzanne home but it didn’t happen. Usually they try to get all the children home for the day but even that was deemed impossible. It was certainly going to be a miserable Christmas on my part anyway.

Marty’s parents had a rule that said they would not visit at Christmas, If we wanted to see them, we had to go to them. I said no way. I just kept hoping for a Christmas miracle. It never came.  

Being Swiss, the Abplanalps opened their presents on Christmas Eve. Jenni thought we should too, but I said no, we have to wait for Christmas morning. I cried a lot on Christmas Day. I think it was miserable for everyone. Jenni missed her mother. I missed Suzanne. 

After lunch, Marty did the traditional thing and went to sleep. I walked to the hospital and spend some time with Suzanne. It was our first Christmas apart. Most of the children had gone home for the day. I wondered just how long she would stay in hospital. 

A new year was coming. Who knows what that would bring. 

© Barbara Hart 2014