Simon’s name

by barbznz

People of ask why we named our son Simon. People who knew in the Henderson Crescent days some time assume that we named him after the youngest Abplanalp but they would be wrong. I had chosen his name long before he was conceived, and before I even knew where Henderson Crescent was. It didn’t help that my friend Lynne named her son Samuel, or Sam and another Abplanalp name. Not that I had anything against the older Simon, he was a great lad.But as I said I picked the name out long before I knew them.

I named Simon after my good friend Simone Tee. Simone and I met through a mutual friend who soon was not a friend of either of us. We were close. As I have said previously, we did a lot of things together. We lost contact when we left Tauranga over 25 years ago. I found out through someone I worked with, that she died a couple of years back in a rest home. I would have liked to have seen her but sometimes people grow apart, their lives change, move in different directions. It is the way things go. 

Simone was a farmer’s daughter from out Te Puke way. Like most farmers daughters she married a farmer and they had a daughter Anna. She had a brother also a farmer and also married. They had adopted two children as the wife didn’t concieve. They never knew why. Any way, when Anna was about 6 or 7, Simone’s husband ran off with her brother’s wife. So the cousins became step siblings. 

Simone was a great believer in Karma and when their first baby was stillborn she felt justice had been done. They had other children later though. She was also very superstitious. Anna wasn’t allowed to go to school on Black Friday just in case.

Simone had MS. She was still walking when we met and gradually deteriorated until she needed to use a wheelchair. She had car with hand controls which was great. When she couldn’t drive any more, Anna drove. She was about 11 when she started. It was highly illegal but as needs must. She ended up permanently in wheelchair and life got pretty tough on her but she smiled through it all.

She loved Elvis. she really mourned him when he died. She also loved Barry Manilow. She had great taste in music. The radio was always blaring out her place. 

But most of all she had guts. She fought that illness every step of the way. She never let it beat her and she never let it get her down. We talked about euthanasia once. She said it wasn’t fair. She knew when the time came when she would want to end her life. she wouldn’t be able to take the top of the bottle and she would have difficulty swallowing the pills. If any one helped they would be charged with a criminal offence. She is one of the reasons I strongly agree with euthanasia. Giving someone the opportunity to say, enough and being able to help them. 

So did I want to name him after her. It is really simple Simon was one of the few S names I liked and I wanted him to have an S name like Suzanne. Marty’s daughter’s had J names, it seems to fit. And I also wanted him to have a strong name, I like strong names especially for boys. Something not very common and something easy to spell and remember. And I wanted a name he could be proud of and he certainly can be proud of that. 

When I was pregnant with him, it was the only name we had. We couldn’t agree on girls name. The only other S names I liked were taken by people a little to close for comfort including Marty’s ex. I like Vicki, but Marty had a cousin Vicki and he didn’t like her. My friend Maureen told me that the trick was that I choose a name I liked and then when the nurse asked the name I say it and then it is written down and we would look silly if we changed it, It worked for her she said. I told Marty and he reminded me of cat he had called Rover. He didn’t like the name it had and called it Rover. Eventually everyone called him Rover.

Thankfully Simon was a boy. And we didn’t have a girl called Rover. 

© Barbara Hart 2014