Suzanne’s Surgery

by barbznz

The day after I got after the annex, I went to the hospital to see Suzanne and talk to doctors about her surgery which was due to take place the following day. I wanted more detail and I wanted more concrete time frames. Since Marty was at work I took Simon with me, He was asleep in the his pram. The staff castigated me for bring a baby into the hospital. I told them I had no choice and I needed to know what was going on. I got some answers and a little reassurance and went home.

I hated the fact that I couldn’t be with Suzanne when she went to surgery. I didn’t really have a choice. Simon was demand fed and the surgery schedule was so long, I had no idea when she would go down. Finally the hospital rang and said the surgery had gone well. Marty took me to the hospital after he got home from work and he waited with Simon so I could spend some time with her. She looked groggy but ok. Her legs were in plaster from the ankle to the top of her thighs. They were wide apart. To me, it didn’t look good. 

Simon was a good baby except he didn’t like to sleep. It was good that Marty was a later sleeper and I was an early riser. Between us we were able to get some sleep at least. Simon was healthy with a strong pair of lungs. He was so different from Suzanne. 

Jenni came to stay with us every second weekend. She was still really unhappy, Marty and I didn’t know what to do. Finally he went to his lawyer and we made a plan.

 Suzanne recovered well from surgery. Unfortunately the only time I could see her was at night and all the staff in the know had gone home. It was really hard to get information about how things were going. Another things that worried me was whether she eating. I know she tended to sleep through meals, she was probably bored out of her skull, she was used to having lots of things happening around her. Now she was in a side room on her own with very little company.

What I didn’t know was, ( these  were the days before microwaves) if she slept through a meal, with no way of reheating it, it was send back to the kitchen. That left jelly and ice cream which she hated. I didn’t find out about this until much later in her stay. If I had known I would have taken food in for her. 

Most of Simon’s first six weeks were pretty much a blur. I felt torn between my two beautiful children. it just didn’t seem fair. I wanted them both in the same place. My time with Suzanne was so limited as the ward didn’t like me there after 8 pm. What made it worse was I still hadn’t learnt to drive so I needed Marty to take me. 

Little did I know that there was more change to come. that  was going to be an even bigger learning curve.

© Barbara Hart 2014