Simon James

by barbznz

Simon was perfect. He suckled straight away. The delivery was just so much easier than with Suzanne and he suckled straight away. One of the biggest problems I had was putting nappies on him, He was so much smaller than Suzanne. Of course in those days we used cloth nappies and making them small enough was a mission for me.

The day after he was born, the papers arrived for the house. Marty brought them in and we signed them. We were now home owners. Marty visited Suzanne and said she was fine. We still didn’t know what they were going to do about her hip.  I missed her terribly and wanted to introduce her to her brother.

I thought he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Marty was thrilled with him. He wanted to buy him a teddy bear but they were over $60 back then and we couldn’t afford it. He was feeding well and everything was going well, or so I thought

Simon developed jaundice and was put in the special care nursery. I was so upset. He looked so good and his jaundice wasn’t as bad as Suzanne’s and she wasn’t treated. I remember showing Dr Morgan of photo and saying. She was worse then him, please don’t take him away from me. Marty came in after work. He gave me a big hug and told me not to worry. We walked down to see Simon. He was lying naked on his tummy under lights wearing eye patches. His little bum was poking high in the air, It looked so funny.  We both burst out laughing. Fortunately he was only there till the following morning. I was so glad to have him back.

Marty’s parents brought Jenni to meet her little brother. Marty’s mother said something and I got up set and started to cry. It was just baby blues and I felt miserable. I was also missing Suzanne. It wasn’t like I could ring her up and have a chat.

An orthopaedic surgeon came to see me. A nurse came in with him which I thought was odd. He said that Suzanne needed surgery to fuse her hips. They wanted to operate the following week so she would stay in hospital until it was done. I needed to sign the consent forms. I said I wanted to talk it over with Marty but he said, no there is no choice, it has to be done.

I asked about the surgery. He said they would operate on both hips because if one had come out, the other would as well eventually so it was better to do them both at the same time. She would be in hospital for about 6 weeks after the surgery.  The risk is low he said and there will be no problems and she will be as good as new when it is done.

Reluctantly, I signed the consent form. Six weeks seemed like an eternity. It felt like I was swapping one child for another. I just wanted both my children at home together where they belonged. I couldn’t believe we would be separated for so long. When Marty came in after work, I told him about it. I wanted to discharge myself so at least I could visit her. I told him, I was fine, There were no complications, Simon was feeding well. Not sleeping though, he was too busy looking around the room and trying to see what was going on.

The hospital weren’t happy. It seems silly now when woman leaves hospital a couple of hours after birth, but back them 2 weeks was the norm and they didn’t like it when people bucked the trend. I convinced them that we would be fine. And so they let us go home. I was so proud to walk into our new home, well mostly mortgaged home, with my son. Welcome home I said.

One down one to go.

© Barbara Hart 2014