Baby comes

by barbznz

It took some convincing but finally I got someone to take me seriously and look at Suzanne.   Nice kind understanding Dr Dawson had left and the new paediatrician did not realise that I knew when something was wrong.

Finally they listened and discovered that one of her hips had popped out of its socket by about 2 inches. It must have been so painful.

On top of that Marty had hurt his back and he wasn’t allowed to lift anything, so I was bathing Suzanne on my own. The bathroom still hadn’t been fixed and it was really hard getting her in and out with my big tummy.  I was so glad we didn’t wait to have baby, it would have been so much harder if she had been bigger.

Baby was a week overdue so they decided to induce on the Monday morning and I would be admitted to the maternity annex on the Sunday evening. The hospital decided that Suzanne would be admitted to the children’s ward prior to my admission.  Because of the risk of cross infection, once I was admitted to the annex, I wouldn’t be able to visit her until I was discharged.

It was so hard to leave her there. I had no idea how they were going to treat her hip problem. The standard stay back then for mothers with new-borns was two weeks. Suzanne and I had never been separated for that long before.

Marty and I took Suzanne to the children’s ward and then we went to the annex. It was certainly very different from my previous admission. Marty stayed a while but I sent him home. We both needed our sleep because we both knew the next day was going to be a long one.

My GP, Dr Morgan arrived the following morning to start the induction. He was an odd little man. He was a Christian who believed prayer could fix anything. He also was fixated about sex. When I was about six months I went for a check up and he told me that it was important that I take care of Marty’s ‘needs’ and then proceeded to instruct me on how to do oral sex. I was so embarrassed.

I was put on a drip and the contractions started. Marty had the day off work and he arrived early.  We waited all day. He only left my side when he was desperate for a cigarette. I wasn’t eating so he was given my meals. The nurses took care of him really well.

Around 6pm, everything stopped. I had an infection.  Dr Morgan came in and said, it is ok, we will start again tomorrow. You can’t do that I said, that means baby will be born on the 13th, I am not sure that I want a baby who has birthdays on black Friday. He said that it was the best he could do as on Wednesday he was in Wellington meeting the Duke of Edinburgh.

I sent Marty home at about 10pm. We both needed sleep and tomorrow would be another long day.  At 11pm my contractions started again on their own. This was it. The midwife came in about 3am and said, it is time to call your husband. No let him sleep I said, he is really tired. Well, she said, he got you into this, it is only fair that he is here when you get out of it.

Marty arrived and we wait. Dr Morgan came in just after six. You need to push he said. I am too tired, I said. He looked at me and said, push that baby out or I will get the forceps.

Considering my previous experience with a forceps delivery, I pushed. Baby arrived at 6:34.

I will never forget the look of pure joy on Marty’s face when he saw his son for the first time. It’s a boy he said. I was so happy, we had our Simon James. He was 8lb 1 oz with masses of hair. I checked him over, everything was there, He was perfect.

Now all I had to do was to get our family back together.

© Barbara Hart 2014