by barbznz

Marty and I were talking  about getting married. He wanted to make me an engagement ring with  the biggest diamond  he could afford. He said whenever he and his first wife argued, she complained he had never given her a diamond ring.  He wasn’t going to make that mistake again. For some reason, I didn’t want a diamond, I wanted a Topaz. I have no idea why now but I was pretty insistent. One day after discussing this again, I said something like, why not make a ring with topaz and diamonds. He said it was too late, he had already made it.

In the middle of May, 1980, Marty came to see us. He looked nervous. I was worried something was wrong. He sat me down and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He pushed a beautiful Topaz and diamond ring on my finger. The ring was stunning, one large topaz and two little diamonds on either side.Marty and I were engaged.

Of course we had to have a party. We held it that Friday. All my friends came round and we drank wine and had a great time. My friend Shirley Anne had just read a book on palmistry. She read my palm and told me I would have another child and we would have a long and happy marriage. She read a few other palms.It was just a bit of fun. No one took it seriously except my brother.

He raved and ranted about the evils of palmistry and how God would send his damnation down among all of us. Everyone got up and went home. Typical of my brother, he ruined the evening for everyone.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in fortune telling of any kind as I have already said. Though one interesting thing is, Suzanne’s headline on her palm has a definite break in it, which I thought was seriously  weird.

Marty and I spend a lot of time together but we were careful, we didn’t want Social Welfare to think we were living together. He still has his place and I still had mine, he didn’t pay any of my bills, I didn’t pay any of his. He rarely stayed the night, normally I would climb into bed and he would kiss me good night and go home.

My social worker would visit every now and then and I would joke and say things like, quick out the window, run away. She would laugh. One day she came and I said very quietly, there is a man in my bed. She laughed. But I was serious.. Marty had the flu. He was as sick as a dog and I told him it was silly for him to stay in his cold damp flat on his own. He could come to my place and I would look after him. So he did.

I told her that he was sick and I was just looking after him until he was back on his feet.. She smiled and left.

Thankfully there were no repercussions.

© Barbara Hart 2014