by barbznz

I am a hopeless romantic. I make no apology for it. Today I watched High Society and  I watched it in French the true language of love. It was Grace Kelly’s last movie before she became Princess Grace of Monaco. It also stared Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. 

I love Bing Crosby, I have to admit I didn’t appreciate him when I was younger, but now I just love the sound of his voice. My favourite Christmas Carol is him singing with David Bowie. It is on YouTube if you want to check it out. The movie has great songs including one of my all time  favourites, True Love. 

I do believe in True Love. I wake up every morning to a man sleeping beside me and I still can’t believe how lucky I am even after all these years. My mother doesn’t appreciate it, she thinks I am soppy because I ring Marty as soon as I arrive at her place, just to let him know I have arrived safe. She mocks me, especially when I call him darling but I don’t care. 

At the first writers group meeting for the year, they were talking about the meeting in February. I said I don’t mind as long as it isn’t on Valentine’s Day. Someone said, oh you must have a romantic husband and I said, no he has a romantic wife. 

Not that he doesn’t do the odd romantic thing. When we were first going out he brought me a book on Paris. the inscription said, the closest I can take you at the moment. Marty. It is one of my most treasured possessions. I am still waiting to get there but I know we will go together one day.

For our last wedding anniversary, he went into a lingerie shop. He told the assistant he was a little out of his depth but he wanted something sexy for his wife. She helped him find what he wanted, a little black teddy with the smallest g-string I have ever seen and a black satin dressing gown. I hate to think how much it cost.  It is absolutely gorgeous. 

So what is the secret. I don’t have one. We fit together., We don’t always agree and I know I can be bloody hard work and he is a stubborn all buggar and fussy as hell when it comes to food but it is all minor stuff. We both agree that  we are here because we both want to be here. 

Thinking of him always makes me smile. I even made character for my Wii of him and when I am playing he comes into view and my heart sings.. Silly I know but I just figure I am lucky, so lucky to feel this way after over 30 years. I have always said when I win Lotto I am getting married again. Have a big white wedding. He is definitely the only groom I want.

 I just know that I can’t imagine being without him. 


© Barbara Hart 2014