Nana Hunter

by barbznz

Nana Hunter had 14 grandchildren though of course only 12 survived to adulthood. She managed to spend time with all of them though some of the younger cousins may not remember her.  I was the oldest grand daughter and I think we had a really special relationship because of that. 

She was an avid gardener, something I have already said I didn’t inherit. She was also a good Methodist and a fine role model. When she lived in Moonshine Road, Upper Hutt she was part of a group of ladies that put on shows. It was great. I was tag along when I was around and sing all the songs I knew. She had  the wardrobe at her place. It was fabulous to play dress up. 

She was also the only person that  I remember who called my father John. Everyone else called him Jack. 

When  I was really young I used to go to church with her and Nana Alsop. As she got older she used to dye her hair but later she let it grow to it’s natural shade of white. It looked so much better that way.  

I think Nana Hunter knew she was going to die. Only a couple of months earlier she had come from Christchurch to visit all her family in the North Island. That included staying with us for a few days.  Suzanne was her oldest great grandchild  followed by my brothers two boys.

We went shopping and she brought me 2 metres of material for me to make something. It was silky and very colourful. It is still in the bottom of my sewing box. . I don’t know what to make with it yet and I don’t want to ruin it. It is like there is a piece of her in my house. 

I know she was worried about how I would manage as Suzanne got older. Unfortunately,  she died the January before I met Marty so she didn’t know I had met my prince charming. 

But the best thing about her was, I didn’t feel she judged me, she accepted what happened and encouraged me to be the best I could. 

And that is what Nana’s are supposed to do. Hopefully I do as good a job with my own grandchildren.

I certainly had a good role model

© Barbara Hart 2014