A new pushchair

by barbznz

Suzanne was growing fast, although she had to have her food mashed, didn’t mean she wasn’t eating, she loved food. Her pushchair was getting too small. There were no services for wheelchairs back then, children like Suzanne were usually institutionalised so there was no need for them. 

I went to my friend Clare at the baby shop, she sold push chairs, perhaps she could help. She put me in touch with a manufacturer and talked about our needs. They came up with the design, a push chair that was much larger than the norm. It was specially made and I got a good deal but it was expensive. It certainly made life easier for us, it was quite comfortable and she could lie in it easily. 

The other investment I made was a sewing machine. I did sewing at school and did work in a sewing factory for a while. Admittedly, I got the sack cause I couldn’t sew but undaunted I brought CUB 3. I paid it off over a few months. Back then clothes were cheaper to make back then, no cheap imports.

I made dresses for both of us, sometimes matching sometimes not. It saved so much money.I always wanted Suzanne to look pretty.. Fleece and knit fabrics was just coming in, so it was no trouble to whip up track pants and tops. I even had a go at making knickers but I never got the cut right. And everyone know how uncomfortable that can be. 

I also brought a new washing machine and dryer. The washing machine was a twin tub. You washed the clothes in the tub and then put them in the spinner. You connected a hose to the spinner and it rinsed and spun the clothes. You had to be careful though if the hose came out there was water everywhere. My dryers was rarely used because of the power costs but since Suzanne was still  in nappies sometimes I didn’t have  choice. I still have it. It still isn’t used much, Only in emergencies.  Marty will use it when I am not around. I still worry about the power cost.

I got the feeling that the hospital staff began to realise that I was there battling away. I had an OT. Finally, Suzanne was finally getting some real help. . 

And I also found out, OT’s were useful for other things.