by barbznz

After Grandad Hunter died, Nana moved in with Nana Alsop. I would visit there and stay occasionally.  After Nana Alsop died Nana Hunter moved to Christchurch. It was the most logical place for her to live, three of her children lived in the area and two of them were still having  children. I remember her visiting Akatarawa and staying with Mum when Suzanne was a baby. I was able to take some four generation photos. 

When Suzanne and I moved north she came to visit.  It was really neat to see her. She stayed with me for a couple of days. One day we walked to the diary. As we were leaving, who should walk in but a very heavily pregnant Maureen. The last time I heard she was going out with my ex, John. It threw me to see her but she was friendly enough and said, this is my address, come visit. 

I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to go to her house. I didn’t think I could handle seeing John again. Maureen was originally from Akatarawa and best friends with Lorraine Braddock. She had moved up to Tauranga a few years earlier. She had been to Lorraine’s and knew that I had had a baby. The Braddock’s thought it was terrible that I had got myself pregnant. Maureen thought that had been funny because they failed to mention that daughter Karen was also unmarried and pregnant.

After Nana went home, I went to see Maureen. The first thing I noticed was her wedding photos and to my relief she had married someone else. It was great to catch up, Her and John went out for a while but her father was not happy with the age gap and went round and had a talk with him. He decided to cut his losses and they broke up. Then she met Andrew and they got married. They were expecting their first child in July. He worked for the power board and they were desperately saving for a house. 

But there was another baby on the way too. Margaret was pregnant. I was going to get a little brother or sister after all.

And I was quite excited about it.