Botanical road

by barbznz

Our flat in Botanical Road was perfect. It was a quiet dead end street. There were six flats in all plus the landlord’s house.  The only problem was it was quite a way from shopping which meant I had to walk over 2 km to get to a supermarket.  That wasn’t really a bad thing, it was good to get the exercise. One the way to the supermarket was a baby shop. Clare Flavell owned and she was really helpful. I would put clothes on lay-by for Suzanne and pay them off. They were really good quality clothes.

In those days getting a phone wasn’t always easy and even with Dad running the telephone exchange didn’t help me get a phone any quicker. I had to go on a waiting list an it took a few weeks. That made communication with Mum difficult.

Suzanne’s first birthday came and went. In June, just before Mum’s birthday Gay and I took our children to see the Plunket nurse for a check-up. Suzanne failed to respond to the hearing test. I decided that I would wait until after Mum’s birthday before I told her. However, Gay rang her. She raved on about Joshua and how wonderful he was doing and then she said  Suzanne was deaf. Mum freaked out, she was worried about how that news had affected me. She must have rung Dad and he came round> I explained why I hadn’t told her already  and said I should ring her because she was worried and upset that I hadn’t told her.  I went down to the phone-box and we had a very tearful conversation the day before her birthday. My phone was finally connected a couple of weeks later.

That was the last appointment that Gay and I shared.

Gradually I met people and made friends. One of them was Hilary Banks, She would come and visit me usually on Sunday afternoons during the big time wrestling shows. She couldn’t understand why I yelled and screamed at the TV at the bad guys. I found it was a really good way of getting out my frustrations.

Hilary like her brother was very tall, 5′ 14″ ( sounds better than 6’2″). She was and still is a Christian. As I have said in an earlier post, God always seems to send me at least one Christian friend. She was really keen to get married and have children. She introduced me to Lynne Davies

I always thought Lynne was the epitome of a dumb blonde. She told me the story of how she met her husband Eric. Apparently,  all the girls from her class at school were married except her and she wanted desperately to change that. She met Eric at church and they had three dates and he asked her to marry him. So she did. She didn’t want to be the only old maid in the her school class.  It seemed such a weird relationship. He was quite a bit older than her and if she did anything he didn’t like, he would spank her with a hair brush. At that stage  they had no children

Suzanne saw a paediatrician, Dr Dawson at Tauranga Hospital. There was no other support available. He was brilliant. He always said what a wonderful job I was doing. Suzanne hadn’t reached any new milestones. I gave her very mushy food and that seemed to go down well. She didn’t chew at all though all her teeth came through at the normal time.

Life was quite good. It had been a good move for us.

© Barbara Hart 2014