New life

by barbznz

They say when you go into a maternity annex you leave your modesty at the door. It was certainly true in my case. The first thing they did was to shave all my pubic hair off and give me an enema. I have no idea why they used to do that and I am glad to say that they don’t do it any more unless you are having a caesarean.  I felt so embarrassed.

They put me in a private room and left me to it. I am sure people came and went but I don’t really remember anyone. My labour continued. I had no visitors, I think they told me that  Dad rang at some point to see how I was doing.I was in labour all that night and all of the next day. Things weren’t progressing very well so they called a specialist in.

The specialist arrived at about 6:40 in the evening. I remember him looking at me and saying to the other medical staff, she is in second stage labour and we need to get that baby out. They gave me an epidural and took me to the delivery room.  As it was an unusual delivery, a high forceps, a room full of medical students came to watch.

My baby arrived at 7:02. It is a girl they said. I said I think I am going to be sick. Nothing to do with the sex of the baby of course more an affect of the epidural. They showed me the baby and took her away.

It was only a quick look but I could see one of her eyes was closed. Stupid bitch I thought, typical of you, can’t even make a healthy baby. They had to push down on my stomach really hard to get the placenta out. It hurt more than the labour had. After they cleaned  me up they took me back to my room.

I lay there wondering when I would see her again. I wanted to know why her eye wasn’t open, I wanted to know what was wrong.  At about 11 pm a nurse came in. Go to sleep she said. No I want to see my baby and I won’t go to sleep until I do. They brought the baby in and held her tightly. She was beautiful. She had mass of black curly hair.  They took her away again. I went to sleep.

The first thing I had to do was give her a name.