by barbznz

I couldn’t wait until Saturday. I had heard this guys voice on a tape and I was desperate to meet him.  The band hung out at Quin’s Post probably the most popular pub in Upper Hutt. I had been there before even though I was under age. Pubs didn’t mind under age drinkers providers they behaved. In those days people didn’t go out to get drunk, they went out and had fun and drinking was just part of that. Quin’s Post usually had a band and there was always dancing.  Occasionally the police raided the place. The under age girls generally headed for the toilets. .Idiots forgot there were female police and got picked up. There had been a raid a couple of weeks before but I wasn’t deterred. I had to meet this guy.

Wendy and I went to the pub and I met Ben. He was seriously cool. Maori with John Lennon glasses and a huge afro which in the 70’s was all the rage. I liked what I saw but really didn’t have the confidence to do much about it. We did talk though and I found out he was from Rotorua. But mostly we just drank and danced. i was just another member of the crowd, I didn’t stand out and I doubt he really took much notice.

That week I decided that had to change so I brought a new outfit, got a new hair cut and went all out to impress.

It must have worked cause the next Saturday he did notice me and we had a great time. After the pub closed I went back to his place. I was supposed to go to work the next day but I stay with him, listening to music, he had just brought Machine Head by Deep Purple. We listened to it all day.

I left the following morning and went to work. The boss was not impressed I had skipped work. She said I was a role model for the younger staff and I should know better than let the team down.

I didn’t really care, I was in love.


© Barbara Hart 2014