Psychic powers

by barbznz

My mother says I am getting a little too explicit on my blog, I don’t agree but I thought I was take a break from how Marty and I got together and go completely off subject. Don’t worry I will come back to it at a later date.

I don’t believe in horoscopes or numbers or anything of that stuff. I read them and smile, I am a Leo, I do have the traits, I am proud and passionate. I love to read out of date yearly ones to compare notes. But I also realise that no one predicted Princess Diana’s death,many said she would remarry and have more children. And if they can’t get that right well a nobody like me doesn’t have a chance.

But once when I worked at Silverstream  Hospital in Upper Hutt I had a reading. A new staff member held my locket and gave some predictions.

She said I was going to a place for a family gathering and it was near a hill that was called a mountain, She was very confused by this. Why would a hill be called a mountain. She said I would meet a tall dark man and he would have a huge impact on my life.

What she didn’t know was I was going to Mt Maunganui in a couple of weeks to my brothers wedding, Now that is a hill called a mountain. I excitedly told my mother and we expected I would meet the tall dark man at the wedding.

My  brother was a charismatic Christian at that time, a real holy roller. He had asked God to find him a wife and he sent Gay. (I told my brother I was going to find my own and I would probably do a better job. I did) It was a real family occasion for us, the first time my parents had really been together at a happy event, The last two were the funerals of my sisters. My grandmother flew up from Christchurch. The weather was atrocious. A tropical storm had hit.

We didn’t know anyone. So my mum, my dad his second wife Margaret my grandmother and I sat in the front row. The ministers proceeded to talk about the evils of divorce and how this marriage would last for eternity. It didn’t by the way.  My divorced parents were not impressed.

Then we went to the reception. It was in a tent at one of Gay’s relations. the food was put on by the church, the grape juice was warm and it was cold and wet and miserable. One thing we noticed was that people were going into the house with a small glass of liquid and came out with more liquid of a different colour. We didn’t know then but Gay’s family were heathens like us and they were swapping the warm grape juice for something more palatable.

The five of us sat in the corner. My mother kept digging me in the ribs, saying, when is this talk dark man going to arrive. Suddenly a man walked in, he was giant about 6’6″. My mother smiled but I said, no he is too tall. His name was Nigel Banks. Much later his sister Hilary would babysit for me the night I met Marty.

The bride and groom left for the airport to go on their honeymoon. The party really got started then, all the alcohol came out of the house.. Unfortunately because of the weather the flight was cancelled so they came back. They were not impressed.

I went back to Upper Hutt empty handed. No tall dark stranger had crossed my path. Little did I know he was here in Upper Hutt.

And I was going to hear him sing within a couple of weeks.


© Barbara Hart 2014