Help, this is serious

by barbznz

The next day, while we were talking  less than we used to,  I did find out why it took so long for anything physical to happen. The reality was, he knew once he started he wouldn’t be able to stop. me making the first move meant I was happy for things to happen.

You have to remember that Marty had just come out of a ten year marriage, he wasn’t looking for anything serious, Marty believed making love  was serious business, it wasn’t just sex. It meant something.

He did say later that on the night we met he knew he had met someone really special with the potential to be a serious relationship. Like me, he had been to the singles club twice before. He met two woman, the first was desperately trying to find a father for her son and the second bragged about how much she had ripped of her husband in the divorce. So I was certainly different. I didn’t expect to find anyone who wanted to be a father to Suzanne and I hadn’t been married let alone divorced.

He also said I was the most intelligent woman he had ever met and he enjoyed the great discussions we had.

I, on the other hand thought sex was what you did with men. Looking back,  I hadn’t really had any serious relationships based on mutual respect, they were purely sexual in nature, I didn’t know any other way. So now I was waiting for down side, When was he going to disappear, the way of all other men. But he didn’t he kept coming back.

And he was wonderful with Suzanne, he would come in and kiss her, She would screw her nose up and pull her face away. I thought it was brilliant. Up to that point, I didn’t know how much understanding she had of the world. She understood all right, she used to have her mum to herself and now there was this man there all the time, She reacted the only way she knew how, she  ignored him.

At the end of January, the Braddock’s came to visit from Upper Hutt. I had moved in with them when I was sixteen in Akatarawa. They were on holiday and decided to look me up. Marty, Suzanne and I visited them at their motel. Two things stood out for me at that meeting.

Vince a  Christian held Suzanne and prayed. When he finished,  he said there was no hope for her. That really pissed me off.

Pat asked me how long we had been going out and I said just over a month and I said, I can’t imagine my life without him.

That scared the living daylights out of me.


© Barbara Hart 2014