More fine romance

by barbznz

Marty came to my friend Simone’s as a arranged. He was charming and polite. He stayed for quite a while and then went home again. He said he would come in two days time and we could go to the beach for a picnic. I said it sounded lovely and off he went. No hand shake or kiss goodbye.

My confusion was deepening. I have never been what you would call beautiful but I had curves in the right places. I didn’t think I was totally unattractive and certainly never had any trouble attracting male attention. I talked to Simone and my mother. What was I doing wrong. Why wouldn’t he touch me. I didn’t think he was gay. He had been married and had kids. He didn’t look gay. At that time in my life I thought every who was gay had to look gay. But I went home and cooked up some food for the picnic and waited.

Marty arrived and said hello and we hopped in the car. We took Suzanne with us and i was impressed at how easily he folded the wheelchair and put it in the car. It was a beautiful day. As we lay on the sand I was really concious of his closeness to me, I could feel the sexual tension between us, it was electric and when he occidentally brushed my arm I got zapped. It was something that I hadn’t experienced before.

It also gave a chance to have a good look at him. Marty was tall almost six foot and really skinny but he had the most amazing back and shoulders, perfectly proportioned. It was lovely day. He took me home and off he went promising to be back on Sunday.

He came we talked and talked, had some dinner, put Suzanne to bed and put some music on. We talked some more. I was done with talking, I wanted some action so I lent over and kissed him, I had no idea what his reaction would be. After all, when I suggested that he sleep in my bed that first night, he looked so horrified.

He kissed me back and the one thing led to another. It was wonderful. Our kids and possibly our grand-kids are going to read this blog so I am not going into any further detail except to say that later when I looked at the clock I realised it was his birthday.

Happy Birthday I whispered. Best birthday present ever he replied.

© Barbara Hart 2014