Decisions that change your life

by barbznz

Every day we make decisions, what eat, what we do, where we go. Every decisions we make  has the potential to change our lives. Even to stay home to watch TV or not.

On the 19th of December, 1979 I wanted to watch TV, Remember these were the days before video recorders, if you didn’t watch it, chances are you didn’t see it again. I was watching an English drama series called “Who pays the ferryman” Tonight was the last episode of a six part series. It was brilliant but my friend Hillary arrived to say she was babysitting because I was going out. Tauranga Singles Club had it’s last event of the year and it would be good for me to get out of the house. I protested. She rang my mother for support. My mother promised me that she would tell me every detail of the programme and it would be good for me to go. I lost the battle.

I have been to the singles club twice before. The first time was with my stepfather Ivan. He has just broken up with my mother and I thought it would be nice to get him out so we went dancing. He was a great dancer. That night I met a pest. One of those creepy guys that likes to put his hands on you, rub your shoulder, I cringe thinking of it now and I don’t even remember his name. In spite of the pest I had a great time. The second time I went with my mother. I introduced her to the pest and had quite good time. The most memorable thing about this night though was coming home and hearing about a lost plane over Antarctica. When I woke in the morning the first thing I heard was the names of all the people killed in the Erebus crash.

So, third time lucky I went to the singles club. The pest was there, hovering around. I sat down at a table with a group of other people, all strangers. I was desperation for a distraction and looked across the table at a man wearing rings. Of course I had seen men wearing rings, wedding rings but this guy had 3 or four including a diamond and a coin. He had amazing eyes. So I talked with him. Pest came over and said Barbara, come and dance. And I said no, I am talking to this gentleman. We talked some more. Pest came back and said Barbara you should be dancing and I said, oh, sorry this gentleman has just asked me to dance. So I grabbed the poor guy with the rings and we danced. He was a nice dancer, not all touchy either, reserved, polite. And we talked more.

At the end of the evening, he offered to take me home. I said yes and we went to my place. I asked him in for coffee. We walked into the lounge to discover Hillary on the floor on a mattress. We went back to the kitchen, drank coffee and talked more.

In fact we are still talking, We have been married over 30 years now.

As for Who pays the ferryman, it was eventually repeated and I watched it but really, I didn’t miss a thing.


© Barbara Hart 2014