Late night at the Cricket

by barbznz

l love sport, I always have., Watching it I mean, I am too uncoordinated to play, not that I haven’t tried over the years. 

Last night I stayed up until 2 am to watch the black caps play South Africa in the 20/20 world cup, We lost by 2. So now I am over tired and probably will be grumpy all day. Poor Marty. I will try to be nice today though.

I don’t remember when I first started watching sport thought I remember going to see the Japanese play the West Coast in Greymouth when I was around 11. I was cheering the Japanese. My dad said I was lucky I was kid cause Coasters don’t appreciate people who support the opposition.

I say basically, I will watch anything with men in shorts running around, but I love almost everything, Except golf, I don’t think it is much of a spectator sport.

My favourites are definitely cricket and rugby.  I often compare cricket to food. 20/20 is like McDonald’s, Quick easy and not particular satisfying in the long. One day cricket is like a home cooked meal, Very satisfying but not memorable. Test cricket is like a great gourmet meal, the tastes and smells stay with you long after the event and it something to be savoured.

I think test cricket is like chess, it is very tactical, skill is very important but the outcome of the game depends on more than skill. I think Brendan McCullum is an excellent test captain, he seems to be have great judgement and the ability to think outside the square, it doesn’t always come off but when it does it’s brilliant.

Not everyone gets test cricket, Simon, my son does but Marty doesn’t. He thinks its boring. To be honest he doesn’t like any sport really, When we were first going out I tried hard to get him to see the error of his ways. I got him watching one day cricket which he really enjoyed. But the Aussies almost ruined that.

We were sitting in our bed, we had only just moved in together and we watch the black caps play Australia. Last ball of the game, new batsman,his first ball and he needs a six, The Aussies bowl underarm. It wasn’t illegal but to this day it is considered one of the most infamous examples of bad sportsmanship.   Our Prime Minister at the time, Rob Muldoon said the reason Australia wear yellow is because of the yellow streak down their backs. It cause a huge uproar all over the country and overseas. Under arm bowling was banned to ensure it never happened again.

Every New Zealander old enough to remember, remembers the under arm incident and it is often brought up if we want to give Aussies a bad time. It will never be forgotten.

We were both disgusted and Marty swore he would never watch another match. My heart sank but over the years he mellowed and he will watch the shorter versions of the game.

But not test cricket, that is solely my domain. And I don’t care, I just love it


© Barbara Hart 2014