by barbznz

I come from a long line of gardeners, As I have said previously, one of my great grandfathers was a market gardener and his daughters were brilliant gardeners and so where there daughters which includes my mother. I remember Dad coming home from work and spending time in the garden before tea.

My lack of gardening talent is legendary,I can kill anything. Once in desperation my mother gave me a plastic plant as a house warming gift. Try and kill this she said and I did. It got dirty so I put it out in the rain to get clean. And there it stayed until it rotted away.

I received a pot plant, ,(umm I mean house plant, can’t call them pot plants any more) when I resigned from Karldon Trust just before I left Rotorua. That was over four months ago and much to my mother’s surprise it survives. Must be a really easy care one I just watered it now as talking about it reminded me it needs regular watering, I also rang Marty to ask him to water it, when I was visiting my mother last week because she asked if it was still alive.

It isn’t that I don’t like gardening, it is just I am very inconsistent. I have planted many gardens over the years but never seem to have the knack to maintain them.  I brought some plants at the Warehouse last week and planted them yesterday. Some nice flowering things that will grow down a bank,a black grape and some parsley, Since Marty isn’t a gardener either we have decided to concentrate on fruit bearing plants.. Since we have been here we have planted a lemon and some feijoas. We brought a raspberry cane, which is fruiting and a gooseberry  from the old house and they have settled in nicely. We also brought the azalea  I brought in memory of  our cat Mitzi died who died about six months ago, I never got around to planting it at the old house. It was pretty dead but I planted it here anyway and to our surprise is has sprung back to life.

I have planted some herbs and some everlasting spinach. They are easy care and when I forget about them they will still grow.

The house is already well landscaped so it is just a matter of adding a few more things. Easy care of course. I do like nice gardens though and always like to have a kowhai, a magnolia and a daphne. The former always brings tuis which I love and the latter smell wonderful. I got the daphne at my farewell from work, it is in a nice pot and sits just outside the lounge window beside my chair. I really going to enjoy it when it flowers.

Life is just so good here, it has been a really good move for us.


© Barbara Hart 2014