How times change

by barbznz

As you know I took my granddaughter shopping earlier in the week and she brought her present, littlest Petshop stuff. She didn’t want a doll, nobody it seems plays with dolls any more. I played with dolls until I was at least 14. Every little girl I knew dreamed of meeting a man and getting married and having babies. Women didn’t really work back then until the kids were older. You didn’t need two incomes. Everyone grew there own veges and mums baked and preserved, life was a lot simpler. It wasn’t perfect, there was a lot of hidden family violence and woman were taught that husband were always right. and by the way, they aren’t always. Sometimes perhaps.

Of course our role models were very different. Gladys Alyward, Helen Keller, Edith Cavell, Florence Nightingale. Real woman who made a difference. People to inspire you, It is probably why I wanted to become nurse. And there was the glamour of the movies. My favourite was always Sophia Loren. But there were lots of others. None of those Barbie lookalikes  who look like they need a decent feed, but real woman with curves. Marilyn Monroe one of the most beautiful woman of her time was a size 16. Modern actresses are condemned as being grossly overweight if they reach size 14.

I think about the role models my granddaughter have, movie stars and singers who are in and out of rehab, have terrible things said about them, get picked up for shoplifting or drunken behaviour and I really worry. What do they aspire young women to think and feel about themselves.

At every opportunity I am going to tell my grand daughters about the amazing women that have shaped me. Hopefully they will learn to understand that being popular isn’t everything, being thin and beautiful doesn’t mean you are happy and life is a precious gift that you need to cherish.


©Barbara Hart 2014