by barbznz

. I am pretty much  technophobe as my husband will tell you. I get really frustrated when things don’t work the way I think they should. My language gets pretty graphic. Right now I am struggling with my computer The battery won’t charge. And turning off the stereo is a bit of a challenge, I wouldn’t even try to turn it on.

But every time I pick up my mobile phone I think of my dad. He was a 40’s  geek I suppose. He started out after the war in the telephone exchange. Those were the days when every call went through an operator. It is where he met my mum, she worked on the switchboard. He stayed with what was the Post Office, later to become Telecom,until he retired as Chief Technician and saw the huge developments in technology though he died mobile phones were still heavy brick things.

We were the first family at my school to get a TV. My grandparents had one, Granddad used to watch the test panel before broadcasting started. . When we moved to Hawera, and Greymouth he was instrumental in getting TV broadcast to those areas.

Mind you my dad was more than a geek, he played sport, raced motor bikes, (under his mother’s maiden name so my mum didn’t know) played roller hockey and table tennis, a real all rounder.

I am sad he didn’t see the modern mobiles, but I am sure he would have taken  computing, Skype and all the mobile technology that we take for granted in his stride.

My dad was a complex man, far from perfect, but he was dad, and I miss him. I am sorry he didn’t live to see his son and his grandchildren grow up,

And I am sorry he didn’t see me grow up cause I finally did.


© Barbara Hart 2014