Shirley Anne and Peter

by barbznz

Just got back from Wellington, really good trip and surprisingly for me, no shopping. I did catch up with old friend though which was brilliant. The thing about good friends is you may not see them for years but they are still the same as you remember, a little greyer perhaps and more laugh lines but still the same.

I met Shirley though a friend, I was learning French though the Correspondence School and needed someone to practice my bad accent and they suggested Shirley Anne who was  a mum about my age who was a French teacher married to a French teacher.  We hit it off, I passed UE French and we became good friends. She introduced me to lemon balm tea, She knew me before I met Marty and helped me through the transition from being single to marriage.  In the middle of all this, while i was pregnant with Simon, Peter got a job in Paris for a year so off they went. On their return, they settled in Auckland. She was my matron of honour. I got her measurements and made the dress and it fitted perfectly, I even had Marty wearing it so I could get the hem straight. they came to visit and show off the new addition to the family. Then we lost touch.

I found them on Google + a few weeks back and we were able to meet up yesterday. It was brilliant.

We plan to meet up in Whanganui in a month or two once Shirley Anne is back from visiting her son in England.

The internet is such an amazing thing.


© Barbara Hart 2014