by barbznz

I get frustrated a lot, not in the sexual sense and by the way, I am not even going there. I am talking about life in general, when things don’t go right, Little things big things, it is all the same really.

I sent my computer to get fixed, needed new battery and new hard drive. Replaced the hard drive so fortunately I had back up so I was able to get everything, but the battery is still running on empty.

Unfortunately my beloved bears the brunt of my frustration, I yell and curse and get angry and he thinks I am yelling at him, I am not I am yelling at the universe, He just happens to be in the room. well not always cause when I start yelling he leaves the room and me to it.  it is most annoying, understandable on his part, but another frustration.


What makes it worse, is that I am going to Wellington today for a meeting tomorrow so i will be computerless, not I state I like to be in,

On a more positive note though I am hoping to catch up with a very old friend, my matron of honour and her husband who I haven’t seen for over 20 years. Oh the wonders of the internet, it amazes me, how many people you can find.

So now I am off to ring the computer people to see how long I will be without it,

And so the frustration continues.


© Barbara Hart 2014