My sister Judy

by barbznz

Yesterday I talked about my sister Carol, so it is only fair that I talk about my sister Judy, Judy was a Christmas baby, born 22nd December 1959. She was the baby of the family with blond hair and blue eyes. She was 2 and a half years younger than Carol, 5 years younger than me. I remember her Christening because I went up to the front to ensure that I was promising to look after her and bring her up as a good christian. I remember the minister smiling at me.

Because of the Carol’s health problems,initially no one noticed that she was falling behind milestones until later than usual. She was diagnosed with epilepsy and developmental delay. If Carol was a little angel she was a little devil, into everything, making mischief. As the older sister, it was my job to try and keep her out of trouble but it wasn’t easy.

Of course back then, there was no support, the expectation was that anyone different, not perfect was institutionalised. My parents managed to keep her at home til she was 8 but she was very boisterous and difficult to manage so reluctantly she was sent to Kimberley in Levin.

On her first trip home a four weeks later, my mother took her to the doctor and said if I had treated her this badly she would be taken from me. She had sores, nits just about everything you could catch off someone else. But unfortunately she had to go back, my parents had no options.

Had she been born later, I am sure she would be working in a supermarket, living independently and being a wonderful part of our family.

I will tell more of her life, but not today, I have things to do


© Barbara Hart