My sister Carol

by barbznz

I have cold, I am a terrible sick person, all needy and miserable and I hate it. But when I am sick I think of my sister Carol.

She had a neurological condition, that took away her ability to move, and yet I don’t remember her complaining about it. She was as they say an angel only lent. She was a valentine’s baby born in 57 with big brown eyes and a smile that could like up the world. Her symptoms started before she was five and though Mum and Dad took her to every specialist and quack and faith healer they could find nothing helped. She attended school in Wellington at the Kimi Ora centre and stayed with Nana for a while when we moved to Hawera. but them moved home with us on our many moves.
The last time I remember her crawling was in Greymouth, we lived in a two storey house and i remember her crawling up and down the stairs. She was about 8 then. , BY the time we got to Tauranga in 1967, she was completely immobile.

the one thing that stays with me is her screams, she would have the most intense muscle spams in her arms. Dad would hold her and rub the muscles until it went away but her screams were heart wrenching, and sometimes in my dreams I can still here them.  In May 1969, still undiagnosed and she died and became a real angel. She firmly believed that she was going to heaven to be with Jesus.
But I don’t remember her complaining.

I makes me really cross with myself that I can’t even go through a cold without feeling sorry for myself.


© Barbara Hart 2014