Barry Manilow

by barbznz

yesterday in my first blog I talked about music and how it brings back memories. My friend Jan asked, what about Barry.

I don’t remember the first time I heard him but i was hooked, i brought any  album I could find..Once, in the days before VCR, my friend Simone and I audio taped a TV show. Unfortunately my daughter Suzanne can be heard singing all through it so the quality wasn’t much good.A friend of my mothers owned a record shop and she gave me a larger than life head shot poster which hung on my wall above my bed.

All that changed when I met Marty. For some reason, I truly don’t understand, why he, along with many others, don’t like Barry, still can’t. Finally, after a few weeks of us going out,  he said something like, one of us has to go, there is not enough room in your small bedroom for two people with such large noses. So Barry went to Simone’s.

I love all Barry’s songs, (except Copacabana, guess I just don’t like disco.)  but probably my favourite is ‘All the Time”  It is about thinking you are the only one that thinks and feels the same discovers someone like them, just the way I felt when I met Marty.

Though Marty isn’t perfect, last year he forgot my birthday, I was really upset, cause my son had forgotten as well. Made me feel worthless, silly I know but it did. As penance, he found and downloaded every Barry Manilow song he could find on the net so I can listen to him all I want.

I have said I want Barry played at my funeral, so be warned everyone. Marty’s immediate question was, don’t you want anyone to come and I said well if you play it at the end, people will leave and you won’t need much food.

Seeing Barry live is on my bucket list, but i am not sure when I will be able, And one thing is for sure, Marty won’t come, it is something I will be doing alone.l


© Barbara Hart 2014